The Bio Pool is a collaboration with Eric Blasco of ERB Gardens. This work in progress is a modular system of bio-remediation of waterways using biochar as a substrate to collect, store, and remove excess and harmful microorganisms, nutrients, and minerals from waterways as a result of runoff and pollution. The first Bio Pool will be installed in the Schuylkill River on May 20th at Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia through the support of the Toolkit for Wetland Grant from the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities. Eric and I presented on the Bio Pool on April 15th, 2017 at the University of Pennsylvania in the Ecotopian Toolkit Conference.

August 2017

Installation in May 2017

Proposal – Installation view with wetland plants

Overlay of structure and containment system for bio char.

Bio char in mesh bags with plants on top

The Bio Pool has potential as a fish habitat and farming.